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Carlos Paramo

University of California, Berkeley

Angelo D'Andrea

Bank of Italy

Patrick Agte

Princeton University

Firm Survival and Turnover: Do Legal Form, Local Competition, Productivity, and Profitability Matter for Firms in Senegal?

This paper documents the determinants of firms’ probability of exiting from 2008 to 2020 in Senegal.

Working Paper
17 Nov 2022

Reallocation, Firm Dynamics, and Productivity Growth: Evidence from Eswatini’s Manufacturing Sector

This article investigates the contributions of real productivity, firm-size rationalization, and net-entry effects to aggregate labour productivity (ALP) growth using a panel dataset from Eswatini’s manufacturing sector.

Working Paper
21 Nov 2022

General Equilibrium Effects of Cash Transfers: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Tracing out the effect of large economic stimuli on the pattern of transactions in an integrated economy, and their aggregate implications, has long been a central goal of economic analysis, but until now has not been studied experimentally.

Journal Article
22 Nov 2022