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Jessica B. Hoel

Colorado College

Ben Norton

Cornell University

Can mobile money adoption induce microenterprises to formalize? Evidence from a field experiment in Burkina Faso

This paper examines whether mobile money adoption can induce informal firms to formalize, an aspect that has been overlooked in the empirical literature.

Working Paper
8 Dec 2022

The experience of small firm owners in Ghana during the COVID-19 pandemic: A gender-based analysis

We document differences in the experiences of firms and firm owners by gender during the early COVID-19 crisis in Ghana. Female-owned firms are more likely to close during the Spring of 2020, but equally likely to be open by July 2020.

C-19 Note
11 Jan 2023

PEDL Enters a New Year, and a New Phase

We are happy to announce a restructuring of the PEDL themes, and the addition of theme leaders for each of the themes.

16 Jan 2023

Bernard Hoekman

European University Institute

Margherita Tambussi

University of Turin

Foreign Direct Investment and Structural Transformation in Africa

This paper analyzes the relationship between inward FDI and structural transformation of local labour markets in Africa.

Working Paper
23 Jan 2023