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Environmental Regulation, Scrutiny and Firm Outcomes

This project studies how changes in environmental regulation affect environmental compliance and firm outcomes.

Research Project
1 Mar 2023

Using Digital Collateral Credit Contracts to Profitably Increase Solar Home System Sales

This project investigates the impact of two credit financing options on household solar power purchases in Uganda and Tanzania.

Research Project
1 Mar 2023

Information Frictions and Firms’ Trading Decisions: Evidence from the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) - Follow Up

This follow-up project investigates the effect of an information provision on trade agreements on international trade and firm growth.

Research Project
1 Mar 2023


Microfinance has become a widely used tool to provide credit to areas and populations that traditionally lack access to conventional banking services.

2 Mar 2023

Matching with the Right Attitude: the Effect of Matching Firms with Refugee Workers

Does exposure to one refugee worker increase local employers’ demand for refugees?

Research Note
3 Mar 2023

Consumer search and firm location: Theory and evidence from the garment sector in Uganda

How do consumers’ information frictions affect firms’ choice of location within a city? This paper combines an original data collection and a quantitative equilibrium model of consumer search and firm location to answer this question.

Research Note
10 Mar 2023

Firm size and mobility: descriptive evidence from the Senegalese formal sector, 2008-2020

Since 2008, the 10% largest firms in Senegal have consistently accounted for 90% of the total revenue of the private formal sector.

Research Note
13 Mar 2023

Business incubators and entrepreneurship development in Africa’s innovation systems: a bibliometric review

Business incubators are a useful policy tool for spurring and supporting entrepreneurial businesses, but we know too little about their impact in Africa.

Research Note
16 Mar 2023

Alex A. Oo

University of Sydney