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Ifeatu Oliobi

Columbia University

Firm Culture: Can Information Interventions Close Gender Gaps in Online Labour Markets?

We study the effects of information frictions on gender gaps in matching and hiring in online labour markets.

Research Note
20 Mar 2023

Connections, Gender, and Access to State-Facilitated Private Sector Development: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Senegal

In developing countries, access to opportunities within the private sector are often unequally distributed. Advantages accrue to those with connections to the state or to those with privileged social status.

Research Note
22 Mar 2023

Giorgia Barboni

University of Warwick

Emilia Garcia-Appendini

Norges Bank and University of Zurich

Are Small Firms Labor Constrained? Experimental Evidence from Ghana

We report the results of a field experiment that randomly placed unemployed young people as apprentices with small firms in Ghana, and included no cash subsidy to firms (or workers) beyond in-kind recruitment services.

Journal Article
1 Apr 2023

Data-Driven Learning and Firm Performance: Experimental Evidence from SMEs in Kenya

This project studies whether reducing the costs of record keeping and identifying patterns in sales improves SME outcomes 

Research Project
1 Apr 2023

Information Frictions on Job Descriptions

This project investigates the effect of preferences over missing job characteristics on job matching in an online job platform.

Research Project
1 Apr 2023