Mandatory employer-sponsored health financing scheme for semiformal workers in Bangladesh: An experimental assessment

In this study, we present findings from an experimental evaluation of a mandatory employer-sponsored health insurance scheme in Bangladesh.

Journal Article
15 Mar 2024

Improved menstrual health and the workplace: An RCT with female Bangladeshi garment workers

Menstrual hygiene practices in low-income countries are often limited by lack of finance and information, with potentially adverse consequences for women’s well-being and workplace outcomes.

Journal Article
1 Jun 2023

Searching for Customers, Finding Pollution

In developing countries, most manufacturing firms are small and located in high-density urban areas, often near congested streets.

Working Paper
30 Sep 2022

Information frictions, demand for quality, and welfare in the market for antimalarials

This project investigates the welfare effects of information frictions in the Nigerian antimalarials market

Research Project
1 Aug 2022

The Impacts of Climate Change-Induced Salinisation on Worker Productivity in Bangladesh

This project will investigate how increased drinking water salinity affects worker productivity and health. 

Research Project
1 Apr 2022

eCooking for Sustainable Development: Experimental Evidence from Eastern Congo

The researchers study the uptake and livelihood impact of Electric Pressure Cookers (EPCs) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Research Project
1 Apr 2022

The effect of rainfall shocks on early childhood development in Uganda

Shocks faced in early life have been linked with persistent inequalities in long-term health and economic outcomes. This paper studies the link between seasonal rainfall shocks and early childhood development in rural Uganda.

Journal Article
1 Mar 2021

Monitoring and Accountability for Public Service Delivery: A Study of Electricity Reliability to Health Services Providers in Rural Kenya

This project evaluates the effects of greater public awareness on electricity reliability to health services providers in Kenya.

Research Project
30 Jun 2020

Menstrual Health and Worker Productivity in the Bangladeshi Garment Sector (Stage Two)

This project looks at the effect of providing free sanitary pads to female garment workers in Bangladesh on worker health, well-being, absenteeism and productivity.

Research Project
22 Nov 2018