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Performance Measurement of Hospitals in Nepal: An Application of the Management Approach

Management score is slightly higher for private hospitals (2.08) than public hospitals (1.94); however, this difference is not statistically significant, meaning that a different sample may show equal management scores between private and public hospitals.

Research Note
23 Nov 2016

Interest Rate Caps, Relationship Lending, and Bank Competition: Evidence from Bangladesh

Interest rate caps on loans are unarguably important policy tools in both developed and developing countries. In this project, Miyauchi attempts to empirically test whether this policy tool is effective in Bangladesh.

Research Note
26 Oct 2016

A New Approach of Measuring Hospital Performance for Low and Middle-income Countries

Efficiency of the hospitals affects the price of health services. Health care payments have equity implications. Evidence on hospital performance can support to design the policy; however, the recent literature on hospital efficiency produced conflicting results.

Journal Article
1 Nov 2015

Markup and Cost Dispersion across Firms: Direct Evidence from Producer Surveys in Pakistan

In this short paper, published in the American Economic Review, Atkin, Chaudhry, Chaudry, Khandelwal and Verhoogen (2015) directly asked firms about their mark-ups.

Journal Article
1 May 2015

The 2nd Call for Major Research Grants is now closed

The 2nd Call for Major Research Grants under the PEDL initiative is now closed.

12 Mar 2013

The 7th Call for Exploratory Grants is now closed.

The 7th Call for Exploratory Grants is now closed.

3 Dec 2012

Chris Woodruff talks to Viv Davies about common mistakes in the initial ERG applications [Read the transcript of the interview]

“Exploratory Research Grants are not meant to be a fishing licence… they need to be based on a clear question that will guide the research” (Chris Woodruff)

17 Oct 2012

4th Call for Exploratory Grants now closed

The 4th Call for Exploratory Research Grants is now closed.

4 Apr 2012

Scientific Coordinator presents PEDL Programme to IDRC-DFID workshop

Chris Woodruff, Scientific Coordinator for PEDL, presented the PEDL Programme to an IDRC-DFID workshop that took place 26th-27th January 2012.

6 Mar 2012

Chris Woodruff discusses private enterprise development

A 'Vox Talks' audio interview:

Constraints to growth in Sri Lanka and private enterprise development in low-income countries

13 Feb 2012