Market Access and Quality Upgrading: Evidence from a Randomised Experiment in the Coffee Sector in Uganda

This project will examine whether quality-upgrading incentives and access to a buyer willing to pay a premium for high-quality products can raise profits and welfare in Uganda.

Research Project
1 Oct 2020

Market-level Effects of Competition: Prices, Quality and Mechanisms

This project will analyse how increased competition affects prices, quality, and firm entry and exit at the market level through a randomised rollout of new stores by an NGO with a reputation for high quality.

Research Project
1 Jan 2020

Taming Counterfeit Markets with Consumer Information

This project uses an RCT to study two interventions that may address market frictions caused by information asymmetry in the context of markets for maize and bean seeds.

Research Project
1 Nov 2019

Why Do Firms in Low-Income Countries Grow Slowly? An Investigation of Demand-Side Mechanisms

This project examines demand-side constraints to the growth of firms in Uganda including search and contracting frictions related to asymmetric information on quality.

Research Project
1 Oct 2019