Environmental Standards in Production Networks

This project investigates how and when higher demand-side quality standards induce technology adoption in low-income countries.

Research Project
1 Jun 2022

Exploring adoption of renewable energy technology (RET) among apparel exporters in Bangladesh: Policy landscape, current capacities, and future pathways

This study investigates the drivers and barriers to the adoption of sustainable energy sources among ready-made garment factories in Bangladesh.

Research Project
1 Jun 2022

Bank presence, green lending, and firms’ technology adoption

Green technologies that are less resource-intensive hold the potential to mitigate the negative effects of climate change both by helping firms cope with adverse events (e.g., withstanding network power outages or increase in costs of traditional energy sources) and by lowering carbon emissions at the aggregate level. However, limited access to financing and poor management practices in LICs prevent many firms from adopting these technologies.

Research Project
1 Jun 2022

eCooking for Sustainable Development: Experimental Evidence from Eastern Congo

The researchers study the uptake and livelihood impact of Electric Pressure Cookers (EPCs) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Research Project
1 Apr 2022

Can Electricity Demand Management Drive the Transition to Clean and Affordable Energy in Poor Economies?

This study will examine how Internet-of Things technologies that enable automated electricity demand management can drive the clean energy transition.

Research Project
1 Apr 2022

Enhancing Agricultural Community Resilience through Solar Mini-Grid Irrigation

This project evaluates the impact of a new agricultural development model based around solar mini-grids on resilience and sustainability.

Research Project
1 Mar 2022

High-Speed Internet, Financial Technology and Banking

This project will exploit a unique natural experiment, the introduction of high-speed internet in Africa, to shed light on the effects of fast internet on banking.

Research Project
1 Oct 2021

The Economic Impact of Internet Connectivity in Developing Countries

Firms, workers, and consumers in developing countries are increasingly connected to each other and the rest of the world through the internet. Can this connectivity transform poor economies, as techno-optimists hope, or are there more deeply rooted barriers to economic development?

Synthesis Paper
19 Aug 2021

Mechanising Agriculture: Impacts for Labour and Agricultural Productivity

The measurement of the returns to adoption of mechanised practices is of first order relevance to understanding the effect of policies directed towards capital intensification on overall productivity.

Research Note
18 May 2021

It Takes Two: Experimental Evidence on the Determinants of Technology Diffusion

Hardy and McCasland (2021) report on an experiment that brings insights from the literature on demand-side determinants of technology adoption to the study of peer-to-peer diffusion.

Journal Article
1 Mar 2021