The Productivity and Retention Effects of Soft Skills Training

In partnership with a large garment factory in India, this project designs and implements a randomized controlled trial to study the impact of a year-long, in-depth soft skills training programme aimed at empowering low-skilled female labourers.

Research Note
15 Sep 2016

Training Microentrepreneurs in Green Production Methods: Supporting Growth and Responding to Climate Change

This study examines the impact of training microentrepreneurs in Bangladesh in green production methods on ecological outcomes and business practices.

Research Note
2 Oct 2015

When Entrepreneurship Training Matters: Targeting Business Skills to Better Stimulate Firm Growth

Providing entrepreneurs with business skills to help them grow their firms is important. But one size does not fit all - can better targeting of training programmes achieve greater returns to policymakers' investments?

Research Note
10 Jul 2015

Piloting an Internship Program for Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs

Can internship programmes provide young entrepreneurs with valuable experiential learning on successful management practices?

Research Note
15 Jun 2015

An Internship Programme for Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs

By randomizing a piloted internship programme for young Ethiopians, the researchers are able to test whether experiential learning from the programme can improve future employment prospects of the interns. 

Research Project
3 Feb 2015

Gender and Investment: Impact of the EAC Integration process on Cross Border Investment by Female Investors

This project examines how the provision of information improves regulatory compliance and business behaviour by using survey data of women in cross-border trade at the Busia border in Uganda.

Research Note
23 Sep 2014

Piloting an Internship Program for Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs

This project begins the initial work into creating a feasible pilot internship program for young Ethiopians, in order to study the impact of training in entrepreneurial skills and improved business networks on the emergence and growth of new firms in developing countries. 

Research Project
1 May 2012