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Exploratory Research Grant Projects

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Inside the Production Function: the Effect of Financial Contracts on Growing Firms' Technology Use. Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Uganda

This investigation aims to provide evidence on the effect of credit contract terms on nascent firms' use of inputs, profits, and repayment performance through a rigorous pilot survey.

Research Project
12 Jun 2014

The Relation Between Conflict and Private Enterprise Activity in Low-Income Countries

The research team built a unique data set on Afghani households to study the causal relationship between conflict and private enterprise, in particular entrepreneurship, in conflict-affected areas.

Research Project
10 Jun 2014

Exploring Dynamics in South African Firms

This project aims to analyze job creation and destruction in private enterprises in South Africa since 2005, and also explores electronic archives to find historic data on firm dynamics from the 1960s onwards, providing fascinating insights into job creation in the face of massive unemployment.

Research Project
9 Jun 2014

Gender and Investment: Impact of the EAC Integration process on Cross Border Investment: A Case Study of Women Investors in the EAC Region

This case study of the cross-border investment of female entrepreneurs in the East African Community region aims to assess the impact of regional integration on the expansion of female-run enterprises and identify constraints on the growth of these enterprises.

Research Project
8 Jun 2014

Credit Constraints and Risk in Commodity Supply Chains in Sierra Leone and Liberia

In post-conflict settings, credit constraints and risk are often prevalent and binding. This project uses an experiment to estimate the competing effects of credit constraints and risk of retail firms at the end of commodity supply chains in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Research Project
7 Jun 2014

Exit from Informality: Carrot and Stick

Using one treatment to reduce the costs of registration for firms and one to emphasize the legal costs of informality, this project seeks to identify specific policy interventions designed to induce the formalization of firms. 

Research Project
6 Jun 2014

Highways, Firm Productivity, and Allocative Efficiency in India

This project evaluates the impact of highway construction in India on different aspects of economic activity, such as firm productivity and allocative efficiency, and thus the impact of public infrastructure on the entry of new firms into the manufacturing sector. 

Research Project
5 Jun 2014

Haitian Business Elites and Their Consequences for Development

The research identifies which Haitian institutions contribute to underdevelopment by limiting access to international trade, and aims to study how these restrictions affect the distribution of gains from trade throughout Haitian society.

Research Project
4 Jun 2014

What Causes Dispersion in Revenue and Output across Firms? The Brick Industry in India

This detailed study of the Indian brick industry allows for reliable estimates of firm productivity, disentangling competing explanations of variations in revenue and output across firms such as capital misallocation, market power, and adjustment costs.

Research Project
2 Jun 2014