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PEDL 2023 Workshop on Finance & Entrepreneurship

PEDL is hosting a Workshop on Finance & Entrepreneurship to encourage new research on Venture Capital and Private Equity markets in Africa.

7 Sep 2023

PEDL 2023 Workshop on Climate & Environment

PEDL is hosting a Workshop on Climate & Environment to help shape the agenda for this new PEDL research theme.

1 May 2023

PEDL 2023 Conference on Organising Development & The Development of Organisations

PEDL is co-hosting a Conference on the development of organisations in low-income countries.

3 Apr 2023

Young Scholars Matchmaking Workshop 2023

PEDL is hosting a Matchmaking Workshop for Young Scholars in 2023.

25 Nov 2022

Young Scholars Matchmaking Workshop

PEDL is hosting a matchmaking and project development workshop for Young Scholars in 2022.

21 Dec 2021

PEDL 2020 Conference on Firms in Low-income Countries

The PEDL programme is hosting a two-day virtual conference with presentations by rising young scholars on 10-11 December. Register here!

27 Nov 2020

PEDL Conference 2017

On 14th and 15th December 2017, LSE hosted PEDL's fourth conference on “Private Sector Development” in London.

27 Feb 2018

PEDL Conference 2016

On 14th and 15th March 2016, PEDL hosted its third conference on “Private Sector Development” in London.

29 Mar 2016

Video interviews from the December 2013 conference on Firms and Development in London

On December 12-13, PEDL hosted a conference on ‘firms and development’ jointly with the IPA SME Initiative.

3 Jan 2014