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Can messaging from firms around sick leave improve worker wellness and increase productivity?

Covid-19 and other contagious diseases pose a threat to productivity by causing periods of mass absence. Paid sick leave can prevent the spread of disease and reduce turnover costs for employers, but workers often fear retribution for taking sick leave.

Research Note
4 Jul 2024

Connections, Gender, and Access to State-Facilitated Private Sector Development: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Senegal

In developing countries, access to opportunities within the private sector are often unequally distributed. Advantages accrue to those with connections to the state or to those with privileged social status.

Working Paper
28 Jun 2024

Friendship & Collusion Among Lusakan Fruit and Vegetable Sellers

Markets in developing countries are often portrayed as dysfunctional, with low levels of competition and large numbers of unproductive firms. In theory, increased competition could work as a disciplining force in these settings.

Research Note
17 Jun 2024

Do Information Frictions and Corruption Perceptions Kill Competition? A Field Experiment On Public Procurement in Uganda

We study whether information frictions and corruption perceptions deter firms from doing business with the government. We conduct two nationwide randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in collaboration with the national public procurement supervisory and anti-corruption agency in Uganda.

Working Paper
15 May 2024

Business Incubators in Africa: A Review of the Literature

This paper reviews research on business incubators in Africa, as a policy tool for supporting entrepreneurial businesses.

Journal Article
6 May 2024

From Micro to Macro in an Equilibrium Diffusion Model

We quantify the benefits of better firm-to-firm matching in an aggregate diffusion model where individuals reap profitable knowledge from others in the economy.

Working Paper
15 Apr 2024

Cattle supply chain fidelity in the Brazilian Amazon: Key considerations for deforestation monitoring

Supply chain governance (SCG) is an increasingly important approach to manage environmental protection and human rights in agricultural systems across the tropics. SCG helps relay the preferences of international consumers to producers and fills environmental policy gaps.

Working Paper
5 Apr 2024

Propagation of taste for climate resilience: evidence from cocoa value chain in Ghana

While Sub-Saharan African countries are increasingly vulnerable to climate change, they also face lower marginal cost for carbon reduction.

Research Note
15 Mar 2024

Mandatory employer-sponsored health financing scheme for semiformal workers in Bangladesh: An experimental assessment

In this study, we present findings from an experimental evaluation of a mandatory employer-sponsored health insurance scheme in Bangladesh.

Journal Article
15 Mar 2024