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Propagation of taste for climate resilience: evidence from cocoa value chain in Ghana

While Sub-Saharan African countries are increasingly vulnerable to climate change, they also face lower marginal cost for carbon reduction.

Research Note
15 Mar 2024

Leveraging Employment Agencies to Reduce Search Frictions for Firms

We collect hiring data from 799 private formal firms in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and leverage employment agencies to help firms match with more college-educated applicants.

Research Note
29 Feb 2024

Secure Survey Design as a Tool for Monitoring Harassment in Organizations

This study tested different methods of surveying employees about workplace harassment and found that secure survey designs that ensure plausible deniability of responses to sensitive questions can help uncover harassment that would otherwise go unreported.

Research Note
24 Nov 2023

El Niño and Firms: Impact on Food and Beverages Manufacturing Firms in Ethiopia

This research note examines the effect of the extreme drought, which is caused by El Niño on firms’ performance in food and beverage manufacturing sector in Ethiopia.

Research Note
7 Nov 2023

The Effects of E-Commerce on Business Performance

E-commerce improves the performance of small businesses selling to consumers but lowers product quality, as seen in a field experiment with nearly 800 Chinese writing brush producing

Research Note
1 Nov 2023

Market Power and Carbon Emissions in the Amazon

Market power can be beneficial to the environment – by distorting production to lower levels, emissions also decrease. But what happens when the regions affected by market power are the most productive, lowest emitters?

Research Note
23 Oct 2023

Kinship Pressure and Firm-Worker Matching Distortions

Many small businesses in low-income countries hire employees from their kinship networks. This fact is often attributed to hiring from the kinship network reducing contracting frictions or informational asymmetries.

Research Note
18 Oct 2023

Restoring Trust: Evidence from the Fertiliser Market in Tanzania

A lack of trust in product quality can distort markets, reducing demand and investment. Can a low-touch information campaign improve confidence in fertiliser quality in Tanzania, raising demand for a critical agricultural input?

Research Note
29 Aug 2023

Long-Run Enterprise Responses to Redistribution: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

We study the longer-term (5-7 year) enterprise effects of a large-scale, randomised unconditional cash transfer programme in Kenya, which can provide important insights into enterprise responses to redistribution and social protection programmes.

Research Note
8 Aug 2023