Exploratory Research Grant Projects

Exploratory Research Grants are awarded to successful applicants every two months. Projects are chosen based on scientific merit, methodological rigour and policy relevance.

This project aims to develop a research programme that investigates the role of innovation in micro-enterprises’ marketing practices in driving performance.
Researchers: Magda Hassan, Jaideep Prabhu, Om Narasimhan, Rajesh Chandy
Grants Round: Special ERG - Scale-up
Country: Egypt
This project based in Brazil aims to uncover novel facts about the nexus between politics and economics.
Researchers: Emanuele Colonnelli
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD #3
Country: Brazil
This project provides original evidence on the market forces that shape businesses in low-income countries; arguing that social and kinship ties influence competition and productivity because of their influence on business’ access to customers.
Researchers: Gabriella Santangelo
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD #3
Country: India
This study conducts a unique experimental evaluation of an intervention that focuses on technical training and the creation of economies of scale among small enterprises to increase access to markets.
Researchers: Sarojini Hirshleifer, Arman Rezaee, Benjamin Kachero
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD #3
Country: Uganda
This project evaluates the impact of mobility restrictions imposed by military occupation on the development of the IT sector in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Researchers: Elisa Giannone, Chiarra Fratto
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD #3
Cross-cutting themes: Fragile and conflict-affected states
By collecting new firm-level data from nine countries across Africa and Asia, this project evaluates the impact of the ownership and control structures of firms on their management practices and performance.
Researchers: Daniela Scur, Renata Lemos
Grants Round: Special ERG - PhD #3
This experiment in a Bangladeshi sweater factory seeks to determine whether providing workers with information on their relative performance can increase their motivation and productivity.
Researchers: Anik Ashraf
Grants Round: 20th Round
Country: Bangladesh
This project aims to collect and analyse the productivity data of female artisans working in a large not-for-profit and semi-formal social business in Bangladesh, thus shedding light on a sector that has been previously underexplored
Researchers: Atonu Rabbani
Grants Round: 20th Round
Country: Bangladesh
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This exploratory research aims to investigate and identify outcomes and growth of incubators in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Uganda.
Researchers: Mikael Samuelsson, Anthony Tibaingana, Ruth Abankwah, Gaofetoge Ntshadi Ganamotse
Grants Round: 20th Round
Building on a large randomized controlled trial in Kenya, this project evaluates the impact of providing solar lamps on women’s time use and economic activities.
Researchers: Fadi Hassan, Paolo Lucchino
Grants Round: 19th Round
Country: Kenya
Cross-cutting themes: Gender