Simon Quinn

University of Oxford

Simon Quinn completed a dual degree in Economics and Law at the University of Queensland before coming to Oxford in 2005 as a Rhodes Scholar. Simon completed the M.Phil in Economics in 2007 and the D.Phil in Economics in 2010; his doctoral research was on "Bank Credit and Legal Status in Moroccan Manufacturing", and was supervised by Professor Marcel Fafchamps. Since then, Simon has pursued post-doctoral research in development economics, with a focus on markets, firms and institutions in Africa; he is also interested in several methodological issues concerning discrete choice and coarse information. Simon is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford, he is also a Deputy Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies.

Researcher's Grant Projects

Can firms be encouraged to formalise their hiring process? This project aims to answer this question in the context of Ethiopia, through an RCT that addresses two of the main factors behind the lack of formality.
Researchers: Marc Witte, Lukas Hensel, Tsegay Gebrekidan Tekleselassie, Simon Quinn
Grants Round: 27th Round
Country: Ethiopia
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This project aims to provide some evidence on management in Ethiopia.
Researchers: Simon Quinn, Girum Abebe, Michael Koelle
Grants Round: 5th MRG Round
Country: Ethiopia
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This project considers an innovative new microfinance product, based on the principles of equity financing, in which promising potential entrepreneurs are provided with capital, training and mentorship to help them become online freelancers.
Researchers: Abu Shonchoy, Simon Quinn, Muhammad Meki, Mehrab Bakhtiar
Grants Round: 23rd Round
Country: Bangladesh
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This randomized controlled trial explores the feasibility and evaluates the impact of equity-based microfinancing for microenterprises in Pakistan.
Researchers: Simon Quinn, Muhammad Meki
Grants Round: 19th Round
Country: Pakistan
Cross-cutting themes: Fragile and conflict-affected states
By randomizing a piloted internship programme for young Ethiopians, the researchers are able to test whether experiential learning from the programme can improve future employment prospects of the interns. 
Researchers: Marcel Fafchamps, Simon Quinn, Girum Abebe
Grants Round: 3rd MRG Round
Country: Ethiopia
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This project tests the feasibility and effectiveness of using mobile phones to collect accurate high-frequency data on microenterprise profits and sales relative to conventional face-to-face data collection methods.
Researchers: Simon Quinn, Kate Orkin, Robert Garlick
Grants Round: 5th Round
Country: South Africa
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This project begins the initial work into creating a feasible pilot internship program for young Ethiopians, in order to study the impact of training in entrepreneurial skills and improved business networks on the emergence and growth of new firms in developing countries. 
Researchers: Marcel Fafchamps, Simon Quinn
Grants Round: 2nd Round
Country: Ethiopia
Cross-cutting themes: Gender