Special Call for Scale-up of ERGs, Deadline: February 27, 2015 - CLOSED

The Special Call for Scale-up of Exploratory Research Grants under the PEDL initiative is now closed. Proposals for this calll must have been submitted by 23:59pm GMT on February 27, 2015.


Special Call for Scale-up of Exploratory Grants

Application deadline:

27 February 2015 23:59 GMT

The Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income countries (PEDL) programme invites holders of Exploratory Research Grants to apply for additional funding of between £5,000 and £40,000. A goal of the Exploratory Grant Program is the development of large-scale projects that might apply for substantially larger grants from PEDL or other funding sources. The additional funding available in this call is intended to provide a path to scaling promising projects up.

Interested ERG grant holders are requested to follow the procedures for applying for a regular Exploratory Research Grant, for which instructions can be found here. The three-page proposal should summarize results from the initial work and demonstrate:

                  1) Promise for the line of research leading to a large-scale project

                  2) The need for additional work and funding to develop a large-scale project

We will review the reports and other outputs from the initial ERG in assessing applications under this call. Projects that are still open are eligible to apply, but applicants must be able to demonstrate a current need for additional funding leading toward a larger scale project. We expect to be able to fund 8 – 10 scale-up grants in this and subsequent calls during 2015.

The call has a deadline of 27 February 2015, with decisions expected by early May. This scale-up call overlaps with an open call for Major Research Grants, and we encourage projects with evident potential to scale up to consider applying directly to the MRG plan.

Applications should be submitted through PEDL’s online application system. Please select “I am applying for a Special Exploratory Grant call” at the top of application page in order to apply to the correct call.