Special Call for Syntheses of Research, Deadline: March 15, 2015 - CLOSED

The Special Call for Syntheses of Research is now closed. Proposals for the Call must have been submitted by 23:59 GMT on March 15, 2015.  


Special Call for Syntheses of Research on Private Sector Development

Application deadline:

15 March 2015 23:59 GMT

The Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income countries (PEDL) programme invites proposals for reviews of existing literature in the following areas related to private sector development in low-income countries:

1)      Identifying high-growth entrepreneurs

2)      The impact of transportation infrastructure on firms and firm location

3)      Market frictions and price dispersion in low-income countries

4)      Social compliance and private enterprises

5)      The value of being formal: Does formalization affect the growth of small-scale enterprises?

We also invite proposals for reviews of the literature for other topics related to the private sector’s role in development in LIC, or challenges faced by enterprises in LICs.

The proposal should outline how you would approach the question, covering in around 5 pages what you see as the main issues and the most important papers on the given question. This may be submitted in bulleted outline format. While we expect authors to apply a reasonable standard of quality to the decision to include articles, we do not expect you to apply full Cochrane Review standards, since for many of the questions of interest there is not yet enough literature which would meet the Cochrane threshold.  

The review should be written with two audiences in mind. First, the reviews should identify what we know about the topic, which may be most useful to policy makers. Second, the reviews should identify the open questions on the topic, which may be most useful in establishing the research agenda moving forward.

We will consider budgets of up to £35,000. The timeline should be proposed, but we have a preference for reviews completed by the end of calendar year 2015. The reviews will be published as working papers on the PEDL website, but the authors are encouraged to seek an academic outlet for the work as well.

The call has a deadline of 15 March 2015.

Applications should be submitted through PEDL’s online application system. Please select “I am applying for a Special Exploratory Grant call” at the top of application page in order to apply to the correct call.