The role of export-oriented industries in driving growth

IT Sector, Mobility Barriers and Knowledge Spillover in Palestine

This project evaluates the impact of mobility restrictions imposed by military occupation on the development of the IT sector in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Research Project
10 May 2016

Bandits or States? Armed Group Expropriation Strategies and the Economy: Evidence from Eastern Congo

Building on previous exploratory work, this study utilizes data from conflict-affected Eastern Congo to examine the formation of ‘states’ by armed groups, their taxation activities, and policies aimed at reducing their state capacity. 

Research Project
29 Jun 2015

Binding Up the Nation's Wounds: An Economic Analysis of the Korean Reunification

A unique study collects North Korean data and estimates a structural model to simulate the potential reunification and integration scenario for the economies of North and South Korea. 

Research Project
19 Jun 2015

Uncertain Delivery Times and African Manufacturing – Using Supply Chains Models for Cost Estimation

This project examines the extent to which uncertainty in delivery times along the supply chain affect the efficiency of manufacturing in East Africa.

Research Project
16 Jan 2015

Product and Destination Shifting by Firms in International Trade: Evidence from Kenya’s Manufacturing Exporters

This project will develop an integrated firm transaction database for Kenyan firms in order to study firm productivity, entry and exit dynamics into international trade, and switching in product and destination space in response to a changing investment climate.

Research Project
21 Nov 2014

Currency Devaluations and Industrial Development

As developing countries continually attempt to increase the competitiveness of their exports through currency devaluations, this project examines an increasingly important set of questions regarding the impact of currency devaluations on the manufacturing sector of four different countries. 

Research Project
20 Nov 2014

Industrial Spillovers and the Design of Private Enterprise Industrial Clusters in Zambia

Can government-created industrial clusters enable SMEs to exploit spillovers and improve productivity in Zambia?

Research Project
20 Nov 2014

What are the Barriers to Industrial Upgrading? Evidence from Pakistan

By studying the football and surgical goods industries of Pakistan, this project seeks to identify barriers to upgrading in manufacturing firms such as high costs of high-quality inputs and fixed costs of innovation. 

Research Project
5 Aug 2014

The Role of Asian Investment in Manufacturing in Catalyzing Economic Development in Africa

This project aims to quantify the relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and domestic firm development by building on an existing study of Chinese and Indian investment in the processed leather sector in Ethiopia. 

Research Project
4 Aug 2014

Matching and Relationships in Export markets: Empirical Investigations Using the Mexico-US Matched Exporter-Importer Dataset

This project investigates the consequences of market frictions in export markets for the exporting costs and benefits faced by firms in developing countries, using a novel Mexico-U.S. matched exporter-importer dataset. 

Research Project
30 Jul 2014