Trade and macro models - agglomeration and spatial location of firms

Monopsony Power in the Labour Market: Evidence from Peru

This project estimates the monopsony power held by firms across the labour market in Peru.

Research Project
19 Mar 2020

An Analysis of Alternative Paths to Export-Led Industrialization in African Countries: Evidence from Ethiopia and Tanzania

Growth-promoting structural change explains much of Africa's recent growth boom, especially in Ethiopia, Malawi, Senegal and Tanzania. In these countries, however, structural change has not been accompanied by labor productivity growth in the nonagricultural sectors. In fact, the expansion of services and manufacturing has typically been accompanied by low or negative productivity growth in these same sectors.

Research Project
20 Sep 2019

Hawassa Industrial Park Community Impact Evaluation Follow-Up

The Government of Ethiopia has embarked on an ambitious industrialization strategy based on the creation of special economic zones as centers of export-oriented light manufacturing. The flagship industrial park of this strategy is located in the city of Hawassa, in southern Ethiopia. The Hawassa Industrial Park (HIP) is one of ten industrial parks that are currently being planned and built all over Ethiopia.

Research Project
16 Sep 2019

Industrial Zones and Domestic Firm Performance in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam

How do Special Economic Zones (SEZs) impact domestic firms' outcomes in low-income countries? This project aims to answer this question looking at the case of Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam.

Research Project
20 Nov 2018

Knowledge Diffusion Among Small Firms: Linking Theory and Data in Kenya

This project takes aggregate models in which economic development is linked to knowledge diffusion, and proves theoretically that critical diffusion parameters can be identified with a properly designed RCT.

Research Project
19 Nov 2018

Multinational and Economic Development

Can local firms boost their productivity by supplying to multinational firms? This project tries to answer this question using a novel, administrative dataset from Costa Rica.

Research Project
19 Nov 2018

Outcome-based Incentives in Export Markets

This project attempts to provide rigorous evidence on what governments can do to facilitate the transition from low-value added to high-value added exports (product diversification) or entry into new export markets (market diversification).

Research Project
6 Jun 2018

Firm Dynamics in Pakistan’s Supply Chain Network

This project examines the importance of upstream and downstream market access for firm selection and growth in Pakistan’s manufacturing sector.

Research Project
5 Jun 2018

Responsiveness of Exports and Imports to real Exchange rate and tariff Changes: Firm Level Evidence in Zambia

This project uses a unique firm level dataset to investigate the effects of movements in the exchange rates and changes in tariff on the responsiveness of exports and imports.

Research Project
4 Jun 2018