Firm Entry Barriers, Growth Constraints, and Job Creation (Stage Two)

This project aims to investigate the importance of financial constraints as a barrier to entry and as a barrier to growth.

Research Project
22 Dec 2016

Cartel Damages to the Economy: An Assessment for Developing Countries

To date, whether competition law enforcement is indeed beneficial for the economy still remains a questionable topic.

Book Chapter
1 Jan 2016

Microenterprise Competition, Social Pressures, and Innovation

What is the nature of competition amongst densely-located, largely similar microenterprises in the developing world?

Working Paper
1 Dec 2014

Firm Entry Barriers, Growth Constraints, and Job Creation (Stage One)

This project considers financial constraints as barriers to entry and growth and examines whether easing these constraints can induce entry of more dynamic start-ups with greater long-run growth potential than by removing explicit entry barriers.

Research Project
21 Jul 2014

Impact of Cartels in Low-Income Countries

The research team constructs a database on cartels in developing countries to carry out a quantitative assessment of the economic effects of cartels on growth, which will inform regulators on the potential for competition law enforcement to contribute to economic development. 

Research Project
1 May 2012

Borrower Switching Behaviour, Market Dominance and Bank Competition of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Credit in Zambia

This project examines potential switching costs for borrowers of formal credit and the impact of these costs on the competitiveness of the lending market.

Research Project
1 May 2012