Credit Supply Shocks and Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Brazil

We explore how financial constraints distort the entry decisions among otherwise productive entrepreneurs and limit growth of promising young firms.

Working Paper
19 Sep 2023

PEDL 2023 Workshop on Finance & Entrepreneurship

PEDL is hosting a Workshop on Finance & Entrepreneurship to encourage new research on Venture Capital and Private Equity markets in Africa.

7 Sep 2023

A Survey of the Microstructure of Corporate Bond Markets in Africa

Using a mix of survey and secondary datasets on Africa, we document that banks and non-bank financial institutions account for more than 85 percent of corporate bonds issued in Africa during 2000—2020, with a market capitalization of over 80 percent of these bon

Working Paper
12 Jul 2023

Designing Microfinance Products to Encourage Firm Growth

This study investigates the best way to provide financing to firms in LICs that can unlock high growth.

Research Project
1 Jun 2023

Big Loans to Small Businesses: Predicting Winners and Losers in an Entrepreneurial Lending Experiment

We experimentally study the impact of relatively large enterprise loans in Egypt.

Working Paper
1 Jun 2023

Repayment Flexibility and Risk Taking: Experimental Evidence from Credit Contracts

A widely held view is that small firms in developing countries are prevented from making profitable investments by lack of access to credit and insurance markets. One solution is to provide repayment flexibility in credit contracts.

Journal Article
1 Jun 2023


Microfinance has become a widely used tool to provide credit to areas and populations that traditionally lack access to conventional banking services.

2 Mar 2023

Using Digital Collateral Credit Contracts to Profitably Increase Solar Home System Sales

This project investigates the impact of two credit financing options on household solar power purchases in Uganda and Tanzania.

Research Project
1 Mar 2023

Mobile Money

With increasing access to mobile phones across the world, mobile money services have been growing in popularity, enabling users to deposit, transfer, and withdraw funds from a digital account without owning a bank account.

9 Feb 2023

Microfinance, Micro-entrepreneurship and Misallocation

For almost half a century, microfinance has been seen as a powerful tool to improve access to credit for the poor.

Research Note
15 Aug 2022