Climate Change and Fixed Capital Dynamics: Evidence from Manufacturing Plants in Indonesia

This project investigates how rising sea levels affect the distribution of economic activity and economic growth.

Research Project
1 Aug 2022

Women’s Mobility and Labor Supply: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

In cities with conservative norms or high crime, female workers may face greater restrictions on their physical mobility. This limits women’s labor market opportunities and the pool of workers that firms can attract.

Working Paper
1 Apr 2022

Money or Power? Financial Infrastructure and Optimal Policy

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, 186 countries implemented direct cash transfers to households, and 181 introduced in-kind programs that lowered the cost of utilities such as electricity, water, transport, and mobile money.

Working Paper
15 Feb 2022

The Microstructure of Corporate Bond Markets in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Africa

Using survey and interview data gathered from 13 countries in Africa, and bond issuance data from DataStream, this study reveals that corporate bond markets in Africa use reasonably modern trading infrastructure.

Research Note
29 Oct 2021

Constructing Africa’s Cities: Labour Market Effects of Infrastructure Construction

This project studies the effects of formal-sector employment offers in infrastructure construction in an urban context.

Research Project
1 Oct 2021

Monitoring and Accountability for Public Service Delivery: A Study of Electricity Reliability to Health Services Providers in Rural Kenya

This project evaluates the effects of greater public awareness on electricity reliability to health services providers in Kenya.

Research Project
30 Jun 2020

Resilience to Economic Shocks through Continued Electricity Access in Kenya

This project employs a field experiment to study how access to affordable electricity can improve the economic resilience of workers and firms to the coronavirus crisis.

Research Project
30 Jun 2020

The Consequences of Treating Electricity as a Right

This paper seeks to explain why billions of people in developing countries either have no access to electricity or lack a reliable supply.

Journal Article
1 Feb 2020

Lights Off, Lights On: The Effects of Electricity Shortages on Small Firms

Entrepreneurs in developing countries report that unreliable electricity imposes a serious constraint, yet little evidence exists on how blackouts impact the micro-firms that account for the majority of employment.

Journal Article
9 Nov 2019