Tax induced trade costs in developing countries: Evidence from VAT reform in India

This project investigates the impact of trade barriers on internal trade and the organisation of supply chains.

Research Project
1 Apr 2023

Information Frictions on Job Descriptions

This project investigates the effect of preferences over missing job characteristics on job matching in an online job platform.

Research Project
1 Apr 2023

Environmental Regulation, Scrutiny and Firm Outcomes

This project studies how changes in environmental regulation affect environmental compliance and firm outcomes.

Research Project
1 Mar 2023

The Effect of Warehouse Receipt Finance on Terms of Trade for Farmers

Can warehouse receipt finance improve trading terms for small farmers and reduce price seasonality? We study this question in the context of a warehouse receipt program in India using detailed market data and warehouse locations.

Research Note
19 Aug 2022

Microfinance, Micro-entrepreneurship and Misallocation

For almost half a century, microfinance has been seen as a powerful tool to improve access to credit for the poor.

Research Note
15 Aug 2022

Digitising Historical Plant-level Data on Labour Outcomes

This project investigates what market frictions may prevent labour reallocation within and across sectors.

Research Project
1 Aug 2022

Does the Invisible Hand Efficiently Guide Entry and Exit? Evidence from a Vegetable Market Experiment in India

What accounts for the ubiquity of small vendors operating side-by-side in the urban centers of developing countries? Why don’t competitive forces drive some vendors out of the market?

Working Paper
14 Jul 2022

Mechanizing Agriculture

What are the gains from mechanization? We run a randomized control trial that subsidizes access to equipment rental markets to study how the adoption of mechanization shifts farming households’ labor supply, farm productivity and labor demand.

Working Paper
1 Jul 2022

Endogenous Spatial Production Networks: Quantitative Implications for Trade and Productivity

I develop a model of endogenous production network formation between spatially distant firms.

Working Paper
4 Jun 2022

Bank presence, green lending, and firms’ technology adoption

Green technologies that are less resource-intensive hold the potential to mitigate the negative effects of climate change both by helping firms cope with adverse events (e.g., withstanding network power outages or increase in costs of traditional energy sources) and by lowering carbon emissions at the aggregate level. However, limited access to financing and poor management practices in LICs prevent many firms from adopting these technologies.

Research Project
1 Jun 2022