Cartel Damages to the Economy: An Assessment for Developing Countries

To date, whether competition law enforcement is indeed beneficial for the economy still remains a questionable topic.

Book Chapter
1 Jan 2016

The Economics of Platforms in a Walrasian Framework

In this working paper Townsend and Jain (2016) present a tractable model of platform competition in a general equilibrium setting, allowing multiple platforms to emerge.

Working Paper
1 Jan 2016

A Snapshot of Mid-sized Firms in Africa, Asia and Latin America

In this report, Lemos and Scur (2015) provide a basic set of aggregate descriptive data at the country-level collected through the World Management Survey (WMS) waves, including management practices, work-life balance practices, human capital, decentralization and ava

Working Paper
1 Dec 2015

Spatial Competition among Financial Service Providers and Optimal Contract Design

In this working paper Townsend and Zhorin (2014) present a contract-based model of industrial organization that allows us to consider in a unified way both different information frictions (moral hazard, adverse selection, both) and a variety of market structures (monopoly, imperfect competition,

Working Paper
28 Dec 2014

The New Empirical Economics of Management

Over the last decade the World Management Survey (WMS) has collected firm-level management practices data across multiple sectors and countries.

Journal Article
1 Aug 2014

Impact of Cartels in Low-Income Countries

The research team constructs a database on cartels in developing countries to carry out a quantitative assessment of the economic effects of cartels on growth, which will inform regulators on the potential for competition law enforcement to contribute to economic development. 

Research Project
1 May 2012