Erin Kelley

University of California, Berkeley

Erin Kelley is a Ph.D. student in Agriculture and Resource Economics at the University of California Berkeley. She holds a masters degree from Cornell University, where she wrote her thesis on "Do Risk Preferences Influence the Decision to Adopt New Technologies Among Colombian Farmers?". Her research focuses on understanding labor market frictions in low-income countries, and barriers to technology adoption among rural households.

Researcher's Grant Projects

This project asks whether large, semi-coordinated online marketplaces can provide the benefits of expanded market access with much lower costs than foreing trade expansion.
Researchers: Edward Rubin, Erin Kelley, Gregory Lane, Matthew Pecenco
Grants Round: 25th Round
Country: Kenya
This project uses a field experiment in Kenya to understand the effect of consumer-side discrimination on individual and aggregate-worker productivities.
Researchers: Matthew Pecenco, Erin Kelley, Edward Rubin
Grants Round: 23rd Round
Country: Kenya
Cross-cutting themes: Gender
This project expands a previous intervention that implemented a fleet management system in Kenya’s semi-formal public transport system along three margins: possible negative effects of the tracking system, role of cash incentives in enhancing safety and increasing duration and participation to the pilot.
Researchers: David Schoenholzer, Erin Kelley, Gregory Lane, Peter Waiganjo Wagacha
Grants Round: Special ERG - Scale-up
Country: Kenya