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Jonathan Colmer

University of Virginia

Julia Stembridge

Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

Firm-to-firm Referrals

Firm-to-firm trade represents a large part of economic activity, but we know little about how effective firms are in finding good training partners. Do firm-to-firm search frictions lead to inefficient matches between suppliers and clients?

Research Note
5 Jun 2023

Firm relocation as environmental policy: impacts on firms and air quality

We evaluate a policy which relocated over 20,000 firms identified as polluting from central Delhi to industrial areas on the outskirts of the metro area. Roughly 58% of these firms ceased operation as a result of having been relocated.

Research Note
9 Jun 2023

Wei Lin

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Structural Innovation in Weather-Indexed Crop Insurance

We develop a structural and computational framework that improves compensation accuracy of weather-indexed crop insurance through individualised coverage.

Research Note
19 Jun 2023

Chaikal Nuryakin

University of Indonesia

Joshua Sebu

University of Cape Coast

William Godfred Cantah

University of Cape Coast