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Credit Supply Shocks and Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Brazil

We explore how financial constraints distort the entry decisions among otherwise productive entrepreneurs and limit growth of promising young firms.

Working Paper
19 Sep 2023

Xinyue Lin

Harvard University

Kevin Carney

University of Michigan

Andrea Kiss

Carnegie Mellon University

10th Regular MRG Call, Deadline: 15 November 2023 (CLOSED)

The 10th Regular MRG call under the PEDL initiative is now closed for applications. 

21 Sep 2023

Raquel F. Oliveira

Central Bank of Brazil

Jobseekers’ Beliefs about Comparative Advantage and (Mis)Directed Search

Worker sorting into tasks and occupations based on their skills plays a potentially important role in aggregate labor productivity. This sorting may be inefficient if jobseekers do not apply to jobs that match their skills.

Working Paper
25 Sep 2023

Training Entrepreneurs

Aid agencies and governments spend more than a billion US$ on entrepreneurship training annually. What have we learned about the effectiveness of training? We review research on entrepreneurship training.

26 Sep 2023

Kinship Pressure and Firm-Worker Matching Distortions

Many small businesses in low-income countries hire employees from their kinship networks. This fact is often attributed to hiring from the kinship network reducing contracting frictions or informational asymmetries.

Research Note
18 Oct 2023