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Smart Lockdowns and Learning Outcomes: Insights from 10th-Grade Examination Results in Pakistan

Our study finds that smart lockdowns in Lahore did not have a significant effect on 10th-grade examination results; students possibly turned to alternative learning options outside school.

C-19 Note
9 Nov 2023

Who Closes Shop During an Economic Crisis? Evidence from Ghana

Economic crises can push marginally self-employed women out of employment, while self-employed men compensate with alternative sources of income.

C-19 Note
16 Nov 2023

Miguel Fajardo-Steinhäuser

London School of Economics

Secure Survey Design as a Tool for Monitoring Harassment in Organizations

This study tested different methods of surveying employees about workplace harassment and found that secure survey designs that ensure plausible deniability of responses to sensitive questions can help uncover harassment that would otherwise go unreported.

Research Note
24 Nov 2023

Money or Power? Choosing Covid-19 aid in Kenya

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, 186 countries implemented direct cash transfers to households, and 181 introduced in-kind programs that lowered the cost of utilities such as electricity, water, transport, and mobile money.

Journal Article
18 Jan 2024

Pedro Naso

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Michel Ndayikeza

University of Clermont Auvergne, CERDI

Kailash Rajah

Massachusetts Institute of Technology