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PEDL Major Grants 2nd Call for Proposals

PEDL Major Grants 2nd Call for Proposals.

7 Jan 2013

6th Round of Exploratory Grants - Outcome Delayed

Notifications on the outcome of the 6th round of PEDL Exploratory Grants have been delayed.

11 Feb 2013

The 2nd Call for Major Research Grants is now closed

The 2nd Call for Major Research Grants under the PEDL initiative is now closed.

12 Mar 2013

The 9th Call for Exploratory Research Grants is now closed

The 9th Call for Exploratory Research Grants is now closed

2 Apr 2013

First PEDL-funded publications available

The PEDL programme has now been in place for more than a year, and the projects funded in the first few rounds are starting to produce the much-awaited results. Click here to read more.

19 Apr 2013

Special Exploratory Grant Call for Researchers based in LICs

In December 2012, PEDL launched a special call for proposals for scholars based in low-income countries

1 May 2013

Special Exploratory Research Grant Call for PhD Students

PEDL has launched a Special Call for Exploratory Research Grants aimed exclusively at PhD Students. The call will be open for 2 months, closing 01 July 2013.


2 May 2013

New Proposal Template for Exploratory Research Grant Applications

A new proposal template is now available for Exploratory Research Grant (ERG) applications that includes  enhanced guidelines for applicants. The new template will apply to all ERG applications from 1st June (10th Round) onwards.

Applicants for the current Special Exploratory Research Grants Call and the 9th Round of ERGs are encouraged to use the new template during the application process.

If you have already submitted an ERG application you are welcome to re-submit your proposal following the new template.

The template can be found under the "Resources" section of the call page here.

16 May 2013

PEDL Kick-Off Workshop

The kick-off workshop for the Programme was held in London on 18/19 May 2012.

28 May 2013