Bricks to Blocks: An Exploratory Study of Policy and Practices in the Construction Sector of Bangladesh

In a move to promote more sustainable technologies in the construction sector, in 2019 the Government of Bangladesh introduced a shift from fired clay bricks to blocks in public construction.

Research Note
27 Apr 2023

Tax induced trade costs in developing countries: Evidence from VAT reform in India

This project investigates the impact of trade barriers on internal trade and the organisation of supply chains.

Research Project
1 Apr 2023

Environmental Regulation, Scrutiny and Firm Outcomes

This project studies how changes in environmental regulation affect environmental compliance and firm outcomes.

Research Project
1 Mar 2023

African Continental Integration and Firm Awareness of Trade Policy: Evidence from a Kenyan Pilot Study

This project assesses the importance of an as-yet underappreciated potential barrier to international trade and firm growth: firms being uninformed about trade costs and unaware of trade agreements relevant to their sector.

Working Paper
8 Dec 2022

Bricks to Blocks: Policy, Bureaucracy, and Private Sector

This project will investigate the implementation of policy on building materials and relevant constraints.

Research Project
1 Apr 2022

Aggregate Impacts of Command-and-Control Environmental Policy: Evidence from Court-Ordered Mining Bans in India

This project will study the impact of an extreme form of 'command and control' environmental policy.

Research Project
1 Apr 2022

Information Frictions and Firms’ Trading Decisions: Evidence from the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA)

This project will assess, through a randomised control trial, whether providing information about AfCFTA affects firms’ decisions to expand their international operations.

Research Project
1 Apr 2022

Do Energy Audit Mandates Work? An Empirical Analysis Using 12-Year Firm-Level Panel Data

This project will explore the impacts of compulsory energy audits on firms in Vietnam.

Research Project
1 Apr 2022

Firm Relocation as Environmental Policy: Measurement, and Impacts on Agglomeration and the Environment

This project will examine the trade-offs between environmental policy goals (chiefly pollution reduction in high population density areas) and firm outcomes related to agglomeration.

Research Project
1 Sep 2021