All in the family? The effect of family firm successions on firm organization in Africa and Asia

By collecting new firm-level data from nine countries across Africa and Asia, this project evaluates the impact of the ownership and control structures of firms on their management practices and performance.

Research Project
28 Apr 2016

Complementarity in firm-level innovation strategies: a comparative study of Kenya and Nigeria

In this paper published in Innovation and Development, Egbetokun, Mendi and Mudida (2015) present and analyse firm-level innovation data from Kenya and Nigeria.

Journal Article
1 Jan 2016

Learning from China? Manufacturing, Investment, and Technology Transfer in Nigeria

As China’s economic boom has boosted domestic growth and income, higher wage costs are moving an increasing number of Chinese firms overseas.

Working Paper
1 Jan 2016

The Supply of High Quality Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries: Evidence from Nigeria

This project focuses on the supply of high-quality entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Using a large-scale survey of Nigerian university students, it examines the extent to which an interest in entrepreneurship translates into actual entrepreneurial activity.

Research Project
20 Nov 2014

The Value of Face-to-Face: Travel and the Information Costs of Trade

This project aims to identify the information costs of trade by focusing on business travel of Nigerian traders to their Chinese suppliers and building a panel data set to facilitate this analysis. 

Research Project
19 Nov 2014

Creating a Micro-Level Dataset on Innovation in Nigeria

This project aims to harmonize and make public two innovation surveys of Nigeria from 2007 and 2011 in order to fill a gap in existing African data, and to create a comprehensive picture and research tool for Nigerian industry. 

Research Project
9 Oct 2014

The Effect of Market Association Political Power and Local Government Effectiveness on Trade: Evidence from Nigeria

This project examines how the political power of market associations and local government effectiveness affect contractual trade and extortion in Lagos.

Research Note
25 Jul 2014

The Relationship Between Private Ordering and the State in Nigeria

In countries with weakly institutionalized legal environments, private contract enforcement mechanisms arise to facilitate trade. This project focuses on cheating in business and the interaction between private contract enforcement and public legal institutions. 

Research Project
1 May 2012