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Arays Abdullahi

Save The Children International

Denise Ferris

BRAC Institute of Governance and Development

Arne Nasgowitz

Norwegian School of Economics

2nd Special ERG Call on Climate Change

Application to this call is open.

27 Oct 2021

The Microstructure of Corporate Bond Markets in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Africa

Using survey and interview data gathered from 13 countries in Africa, and bond issuance data from DataStream, this study reveals that corporate bond markets in Africa use reasonably modern trading infrastructure.

Research Note
29 Oct 2021

Micro-enterprise in Humanitarian Programming: Impact evaluation of business grants vs. unconditional cash transfer

How can unconditional cash transfers (UCT) be leveraged to boost household incomes beyond addressing short-term food insecurity in a prolonged humanitarian crisis setting?

Research Note
17 Nov 2021

Alex Oguso

Kenya Revenue Authority