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Management in Pakistan: First Evidence from Punjab

In this working paper Bloom, Lemos, Choudhary and Van Reenen (2016) collect data on management practices in the Punjab region of Pakistan (PK-MOPS) following the MOPS approach pioneered by Bloom et al (2013) for US manufacturing plants.

Working Paper
16 May 2016

Economic Reforms and Product Market Integration in Developing Countries: An Empirical Investigation Using Retail Prices in Zambia

In spite of extensive trade reforms, markets for goods and services are not fully integrated across countries. Less appreciated also is that product markets within countries are frequently not integrated.

Working Paper
1 May 2016

Paying for the Truth: The Efficacy of a Peer Prediction Mechanism in the Field

Rigol and Roth (2016) report results from a lab-in-the-field experiment in India in which they test the viability of two kinds of monetary payment rules used to incentivize truth-telling: a novel payment rule that relies on ex-post verification of reports and pee

Working Paper
26 Apr 2016

Supply Chain Risk and the Pattern of Trade

Eber and Malmberg (2016) analyze the interaction of supply chain risk and trade patterns. They construct a model that yields a novel determinant of comparative advantage. In the model, countries with low supply chain risk specialize in risk-sensitive goods.

Working Paper
10 Apr 2016

Economic Development, Flow of Funds and the Equilibrium Interaction of Financial Frictions

In this working paper Moll, Townsend and Zhorin (2016) use a variety of different data sets from Thailand to study not only the extremes of micro and macro variables but also within-country flow of funds and labor migration.

Working Paper
27 Mar 2016

Learning from China? Manufacturing, Investment, and Technology Transfer in Nigeria

As China’s economic boom has boosted domestic growth and income, higher wage costs are moving an increasing number of Chinese firms overseas.

Working Paper
1 Jan 2016

The Economics of Platforms in a Walrasian Framework

In this working paper Townsend and Jain (2016) present a tractable model of platform competition in a general equilibrium setting, allowing multiple platforms to emerge.

Working Paper
1 Jan 2016

A Detailed Anatomy of Factor Misallocation in India

Duranton at al. (2016) complements the results of earlier work on factor misallocation. The paper first expands the methodology and provides two important decompositions for the main indices.

Working Paper
1 Jan 2016

A Snapshot of Mid-sized Firms in Africa, Asia and Latin America

In this report, Lemos and Scur (2015) provide a basic set of aggregate descriptive data at the country-level collected through the World Management Survey (WMS) waves, including management practices, work-life balance practices, human capital, decentralization and ava

Working Paper
1 Dec 2015