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Training Microentrepreneurs in Green Production Methods: Supporting Growth and Responding to Climate Change

This study examines the impact of training microentrepreneurs in Bangladesh in green production methods on ecological outcomes and business practices.

Research Note
2 Oct 2015

Mitigating Market Frictions by Monitoring Employees in SMEs: A Field Experiment in Kenya's Public Transport Sector

This project develops and tests a fleet management system for Kenya’s semi-formal public transport system. The pilot study shows that firms with the system are more easily able to track their employees’ productivity and safety performance, which allows owners to incentivize better driving behavior.

Research Note
28 Sep 2015

Making it Easier for Women in Malawi to Formalize their Firms and Access Financial Services

In contexts where formalization of firms and access to financial services is low, research shows that combining business registration with an information session at a bank including the offer of a business bank account leads to increased usage of financial services by entrepreneurs.

Research Note
10 Jul 2015

When Entrepreneurship Training Matters: Targeting Business Skills to Better Stimulate Firm Growth

Providing entrepreneurs with business skills to help them grow their firms is important. But one size does not fit all - can better targeting of training programmes achieve greater returns to policymakers' investments?

Research Note
10 Jul 2015

Conflict and Private Enterprise Activity in Low-Income Countries

Violent Conflict has numerous negative effects on private entrepreneurial activity and, as a consequence, on economic development.

Research Note
10 Jul 2015

Tariff Reform and Product Market Integration in Developing Countries: The Case of Zambia

This project investigates the extent and determinants of intra-national product market integration using a price approach in the context of Zambia, a low-income and landlocked country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Research Note
8 Jul 2015

Direct and Indirect Impacts of Credit for SMEs

This randomized controlled trial in partnership with a development bank in the Philippines employs credit scoring for small and medium enterprise (SME) lending and measures the impact of credit on SME growth - both directly for firms receiving loans and indirectly for their competitors.

Research Note
19 Jun 2015

Piloting an Internship Program for Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs

Can internship programmes provide young entrepreneurs with valuable experiential learning on successful management practices?

Research Note
15 Jun 2015

Turnover Taxes and Productivity: Evidence from a Brazilian Tax Reform

This study uses a Brazilian tax reform to analyse the production loss caused by turnover taxes, a type of tax common in developing countries that distorts transactions between firms.

Research Note
2 Jun 2015